The “live blogging” obviously didn’t work out (sorry to those who stopped in for it)

Honestly, when we walked in to the meeting I was so shocked by what I was hearing, I forgot I even had a laptop.

My son, Joey, and I carpooled with Armand Bechard and his daughter Kezia.

Because I was driving we were, of course, a few minutes late. when we walked in the door of the tiny conference room Bruce Salsbury of * Lorenae Dairy was addressing the board, saying things about people selling milk without a permit and basically how *dirty some of the farms and cows are ( I can’t remember exactly how he worded it), how this wasn’t right and needed to be stopped.

My mouth had to have been hanging open.

After rambling like this for a couple of minutes one of the Milk Board members asked Bruce what it is that he wants from the Board and he said (notice the quotation marks) “ I want you to stop the milk pirating.”  Another member then asked him what he meant by “pirating” and he replied “No milk should be allowed to be sold unless it is grade A.  People are selling milk to their dairy co-ops and then dipping out of the tank and selling directly to customers, that’s pirating.” ….”I want you to stop it from coming in to Greene County”  “No one should be able to sell milk without a permit.” …..”I’ve got 1/2 a million a year invested in this and I’m losing 50 thousand a year” (not sure what he meant here). I got what I needed (equipment? bottler? not sure which one he said) and you (meaning the board) said I could only sell at the farm, then I got a permit and was allowed to sell at the Farmer’s Market and now I’m selling so much raw milk I don’t have enough for the co-op (I’m assuming he has contract for a certain amount for the commercial dairy co-op he belongs to). I need you to require anyone selling milk to have a permit and stop any other milk from being brought in. Then, you can loosen the regulations and I’ll be able to do the marketing I need to do (no one is allowed to market raw milk.)

I kept having to lean over and ask Armand “did I just hear that right?” I couldn’t believe it!

Armand then addressed the Board and gave the perfect response when he said “ I’ve been self employed in one way or another most of my life, and I would be ashamed. I think it’s a problem that  because Bruce isn’t making enough money he’s asking the government to shut down his competition.” 

Oh yes he did!

That’s all I can post for now, I’ve been gone all day! More tomorrow!

*(if you click on the link above it will take you to a video of Lorenae Dairy, is it just me or does he stick his hands in to the cheese after it was pasteurized? too bad there’s not any beneficial bacteria left in there to fight off any germs he may have accidently introduced)