I did for a very long time, and I can’t tell you how helpful, how edifying it is to see biblical principles lived out in real life.

To have a godly woman, known by her fruits, available to  share her wisdom, answer questions and give encouragement, is valuable beyond measure!

If you don’t know anyone like this then I encourage you to head over to In a Shoe and register for…

Giveaway: Evenings With Victoria Botkin…..

“How does a wife help her husband be the man Christ wants him to be? How can she inspire him to love her? How can she discover the forgotten joys of being the helper God designed her to be? Beginning March 1, Victoria, beloved wife to Geoffrey Botkin, will host weekly online mentoring sessions for women as a homemaker’s resource to the worldwide Christian community. Mother to five boys and two girls, Victoria draws insight from 30 years of applying Scripture to marriage with one of America’s most visionary men.” 

Hurry up, they’ll be choosing a winner Friday!