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I like to make lots of soups and stews during the cold months and  many of them call for a few slices of bacon or a little bit of sausage.

Since switching to a traditional diet I’ve been purchasing pastured and nitrate/ preservative free meats. These cost more than store bought meats, but I’ve found I can get by with a little less than what recipes call for without affecting the end result.

So, when I want to add 4 or 6 slices of bacon to say… a lentil stew, but the bacon in my freezer is a whole pound, here is what I do.

I take the bacon from my freezer and place about a third of the package in warm water…..

After about five minutes I take the bacon out of the water. The part that was in the water is completely thawed!

I use kitchen shears to cut off the portion I will be using.

After that, the rest of the bacon that’s still frozen, goes right back in to the freezer!

Super fast. Super easy!

Have a great Tuesday!