While on the “hunt” for a Christmas duck last week, my husband calls on his way home and says he has a surprise for us!

In he walks with the cutest little duck under his arm! Apparently she was holding up traffic when a lady my husband works with stopped and picked her up. My sweet husband offered to take the duck from her since he knew I was wanting one!

This cute little duck was also quite tame preferring to perch on my husband’s shoulder and tap our feet with her bill whenever she wanted picked up. Yes, we fell in love with her immediately.

After finding a comfy spot for her outside I began my search again. (After all, we can’t eat the newest member of the family) It looked like my only hope for a duck on Christmas day was to purchase a live one from Craigslist and butcher it myself. I found a listing for three Cayuga hens and quickly reserved them. How exciting!

While waiting to make arrangements for the pick up, I went out to visit my friend Katie. She has lots of ducks and before I could finish saying how cool it would be to have a Cayuga drake she had her kids wrangling one in to the back of my van! Now I would have a continuous supply of Cayuga ducks!

Well, I brought the handsome guy home and proceeded to make plans via e-mail with the guy I was buying the hens from…here’s how that went…..


When would you like to get them,what day’s or night’s do you work, we might be able to meet you partway, if everything would work out. my hour’s are wed 4 p.m. -10:30 p.m. thursday off all day fri 4:30- 10:30 saturday 1 p.m. till 10:30 sunday gone all day


Thursday would be great! Let me know what time works best for you.
 what time would be best for you, we can meet you about half way for both of us, just e-mail back the time and we could meet at mcDonald’s which is right off the interstate.also if you have a cell we’d call when we left here or in case you get lost, Wes and Sheryl
Sounds okay so far, right?
We made arrangements to meet halfway on Thursday. I ended up e-mailing him that morning and told him things had gotten crazy around here, would he be able to meet me on Saturday before he went to work?
He replied telling me Sat. morning he had an appt. at a candy shop (an hour and 45 minutes, one way, from me) and that’s where I needed to meet him!
I can’t go quite that far, could you meet me a little closer? That’s an hour and 45 min. one way for me.
I tried thursday when you said that would work perfect, when things don’t come together  the way they are planned I get snake bit after dealing with the public so long, this location is only 30 min farther or 26 miles,if you don’t want them they are sold, I just don’t want to drag this on any longer, Hope you understand.

Now, I’m not real fluent in hillbilly, but I’m pretty sure he said I missed my chance, too bad so sad!

But don’t worry! After dropping a few subtle hints to my friend Katie, like, I bet that drake would be really yummy since he’s foraged out at your farm for so long, and he’s probably really lonely anyway, she replied with this….
“You can have him as long as you post his end and the yummy results on your blog”

 Stay tuned, with Christmas in three days, I’ll be posting my first experience with “fresh” roasted duck soon!