I’m thinking the way to be successful with traditional eating is to be prepared.

I’ve been out Christmas shopping the past couple of days and had to eat out for a couple of meals.

Friday Breakfast……

Homemade Mocha with grass-fed raw cream


Leftover Rustic Lentil Stew


Chicken strips and french fries from a sit down restaraunt, ouch, I know!


popcorn with tons of butter

So Saturday I still had shopping to do and I was determined I was not going to fall in to a fast food trap.

I had to eat one meal out but did a little research and found a great alternative!


Homemade mocha


Wild caught  Sushi

There were good fats like avocado and cream cheese, nutrient dense ingredients like Nori, shrimp, salmon and roe, and lots of warm fuzzies with every delicious bite!


In hopes of making up for yesterdays sin I made a nutrient dense soup called Tapado (see Cheeseslave’s menu mailers for recipe)

This was very yummy and there’s just something about eating seafood that makes you feel good all over.

Isn’t that gorgeous!?

So my plan is to make up some summer sausages, liverwurst, and a bunch of crispy nuts. Then put a few slices of sausage and a yummy cheese in baggies and toss them in the freezer. I’ll be able to grab one of these with a  handful or two of crispy nuts on my way out the door, hopefully protecting myself from the temptation of eating out.

I’d thought, since I’m planning to make tamales for Christmas eve, I’d make a bunch of extra to keep in the freezer for another grab and go food.

 But, for some reason, when I mention this to friends, they respond with a chuckle saying “Oh you’re making tamales”?

 They snort when I tell them I’ve never made them before and actually laugh out loud as I consider making extra?!

Should I be worried?