Scrambled eggs–2 eggs + 2 yolks + 2Tbs G.F. raw cream cooked in bacon grease, coffee with G.F. raw cream


Leftover chicken stew in bone broth pureed and greenbeans from our garden and leftover G.F. taco meat added with fish sauce for flavor, salad with lettuce from our garden+ black olives+feta (from store) +homemade olive oil and vinegar drsg., with 1/2 oz leftover liver pate on rye crackers (not soaked), water


Something with leftover pastured roasted chicken meat…hmmmm

no pics today

My To Do List

  1. Call state rep and tell her one of my raw milk producers called to tell me someone from the MO state Milk Board called the D.F.A. lab where he was getting his milk tested and advised the lab to stop testing for the farmer because he sold raw milk. (The DFA lab was charging around 30$ per test and now the farmer will have to send it off for around 200$ per  test) ARRGH!
  2. Contact MO Rural Crisis Center and try to organize. They are hitting the capitol around the same time as we are for issues regarding how livestock is handled and prevention of  a “livestock board” (oh this livestock board is dirty dirty, more about that another day).
  3. Write a response to this letter to the editor from a very misinformed D.V.M.
  4. Contact “local Foods” group to reach out to the rest of Mo with the hopes of educating and rallying on behalf of raw milk
  5. Contact MO milk board to get on the agenda for the Jan. 12th meeting.
  6. Return e-mails to people supporting raw milk to keep everyone motivated.
  7. Homeschool
  8. Cook healthy traditional meals, where’s my crockpot?
  9. Housekeeping
  10. More phone calls and e-mails

Praise the Lord for leftovers and cod liver oil!!