I recently signed up for Cheeseslaves Menu Mailers you have to give them a try!

I’m having so much fun!

I don’t know if it’s the beginner friendly gourmet recipes?

Or, maybe feeling like we (everyone on the Menu Mailer Forum) are learning, cooking and experimenting together?!

I am having a little trouble though, with finding an ingredient for one of the Holiday dishes…..the duck for Roasted Duck.

Anne Marie always gives great alternatives for hard to find ingredients, but I really want a duck for Christmas!

I’ve checked with local farmers, health food stores and even online, no luck.

I did find ducks on craigslist. The only problem, they’re still alive!

Well, I am trying to eat 100% traditional for one year, right?

And, what would a traditional woman from a far off village in Dr. Price’s book do?

That’s right! So, guess what I’m gonna do?

Yep! AaaaaaaH! Can I do it?! I have to!!

But ducks are so cute! Is it going to be like killing a kitty or something? OMG, get it together! People do this all the time!

I have so much respect for all my new farmer friends, they are amazing! I can totally do this!

I’m going to buy the ducks right now. Yes, I’m buying more than one. If I’m going to get a duck for Christmas Roasted Duck, I may as well get one for a nice cassoulet and try my hand at home grown fois gras, eh? huh huh, oui oui!!

I’ll keep you updated!