It’s 37 degrees, windy and raining, sigh.

Perfect weather for packing a bag and heading south curling up on the couch with a good read.


“5. ____: Pathogenic Bacteria. The evidence conclusively

showing that pasteurization alters the character of milk, and

does not always destroy pathogenic bacteria; that doctors

generally require raw milk for ailing babies and children;

numerous mothers uniformly testified that children were not

healthful when fed pasteurized milk, but were often cured of

ailments when fed raw milk, and the great weight of the

testimony being that raw milk as a general thing is more

nutritious, easier assimilated and better food, especially

for children, than pasteurized milk, there is no reasonable

basis for an ordinance which makes previous pasteurization a

condition for the sale of the raw milk defined by the

statute.”  (From Missouri Case Law, State ex rel. Knese v Kinsey 314 Mo. 80 (1926)

Hmmm, this may not be such a dreary day after all………