I have a history of not going in to labor on my own, not making milk for my babies and some chronic health issues.

After discovering the principles of Weston. A. Price, I am attempting to recover my health by eating according to the W.A.P. principles as close to 100% of the time as possible for one year.

At the same time I will be eating the prepregnancy diet used by the wise woman Dr. Price studied in hopes that at the end of the year I will get pregnant easily, have spontaneous onset of labor and plenty of milk for baby.


 A brief history…

At about age 14 I moved in with my dad in the big city, where my diet consisted of red and orange soda, ramen noodles, frozen pizza, and lunch meat packets, the really cheap ones for like 30 cents, yeah.

 I had my first baby at age 16…….

Baby #1 spontaneous onset of labor, lots of milk, easy recovery. Girl 7#15oz born 1990

I ate the SAD diet growing up and during this pregnancy. I think the only reason I didn’t have any difficulties is I was very young when I had this baby so I still had some reserves left. She’s 19 now, has a beautiful wide face, naturally white, straight teeth and never has cavities.

From when she was 3 months old until her first birthday, I had periods of starvation, and for a little while was even homeless. My diet during that time consisted of mainly potatoes and canola oil, sometimes, if we could come up with enough change, one of those Chef Boyardee pizza in a box kits and sometimes, there was nothing to eat.

On baby’s first birthday we moved in with my mom and I was very grateful for her Standard American Diet! I remember when I moved in, I had started developing little cysts on my face, couldn’t eat any dairy without stomach pains, and could only eat little bits of food at a time before feeling stuffed. I was 18.

Then, when I was 20, Baby#2. Was induced (they thought he was getting to big). Long 3 day induction, found out I didn’t have any milk when he quit having wet diapers day3. Had some milk come in about day 10 but never more than about 4oz per day. 8#4oz Born 1995

Again, SAD diet.

Baby #3 I thought maybe my troubles could be diet related, so I believed by eating the Bradley Diet (minus the liver and I ate almost no meat)and drinking lots of water I would definately have an easy labor and lots of milk. Boy, was I ever wrong! This was my most difficult labor. At 2 wks overdue I got labor started with gentle induction techniques at home, had spontaneous rupture of membranes but had to transfer due to failure to progress. I labored 17 more hrs at the hospital, had heavy bleeding the few days following delivery and had no milk for baby. Boy 7#15oz Born 2002

Baby #4 Again, uneventful pregnancy. This time opted for induction on due date and had easy delivery. No milk, only drops. This time I had some p.p. depression that lasted a few weeks and over the first year had such a fuzzy brain that I had started planning how to prepare my family for my early Alzheimers diagnosis.

Fortunately, I didn’t have Alzheimers. I was suffering from the effects of going back to the SAD diet during this pregnancy, yielding to cravings for filet ‘o fish and ice cream, hmmmm.

I had a little trouble getting pregnant after #4 and wasn’t able to conceive until a N.D. put me on High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil and a potent B complex, hmmmmm.

I was pregnant the very next month after starting the supplements. Another uneventful pregnancy. I had started drinking raw milk and was still taking CLO daily. Induced 2 wks after due date, easy delivery, again, no milk, not even drops. She has eczema and a round little tummy, probably due to my occasional round tummy issues.( We’ll be eating a GAPS diet soon.) Baby #5  born in 2008 9#4oz.

(Also notable…babies 3&4 were given commercial formula, had tooth decay resulting in caps to their front teeth and had several colds during their toddler yrs. Baby #5, the one I drank raw milk during the whole pregnancy, was given the raw milk formula in Nourishing Traditions as well as egg yolks and other traditional foods. She is two yrs old, never sick and has beautiful milky white teeth with no decay!)

So, I’m thinking during my teen years my reserves were completely drained and I’ve never built them back up again before draining them again with pregnancy and inadequate diet. I’m hoping to restore my health with the methods Dr. Price used with his patients and prepare for pregnancy like the wise women he studied.

I’ll be logging what I eat every day as well as supplements I take and any lab work I have done. And, for comparison, I’ll be sharing food journal entries, labs and fertility charts from my previous pregnancies.